Study in United Kingdom (UK)​

Studying in the UK (United Kingdom) is a dream for many students worldwide and we, the team of Skybird International, are always ready to give wings to your dreams. The UK is home to some of the world’s best universities, including Cambridge, Oxford, and Imperial College London. Along with a world-class education system, the United Kingdom is also famous worldwide for its vibrant student life, sports & literature, and rich cultural heritage where students shape their future with high-quality education and parallel work opportunities.

Whether you want to enrol yourself in undergraduate, postgraduate, or doctoral studies, the UK’s education system brings exceptional options for everyone. The world-ranked Universities and colleges in the UK have a rich legacy of accepting international students and are renowned for providing the best quality educational experience.

The British nation offers 395+ universities & colleges along with 50000+ courses and programs. So, choose your favourite university and course with Skybird International and achieve your goal of Study in the UK.

Why Study in the UK?

Start your further studies in UK and get the following advantages:

World-Class Education

With top-notch academic standards and cutting-edge research possibilities, UK educational institutions persistently rank among the top in global university rankings due to the best quality education standards.

Diverse Course Offerings

From arts & humanities to science & technology, the United Kingdom universities offer a wide range of courses or programs. Students can find a preferable program as per their aspirations and academic interests.

Flexible Learning Options

The United Kingdom promotes flexible learning by offering adaptable curriculum options to help pupils upgrade courses based on interests.

Student-Friendly Environment

UK Universities provide extensive support services for international students, including orientation programs, academic support, and social activities to help you settle in and make the most of your experience.

Global Reputation & Recognition

Along with 395+ Universities or colleges and 50000+ courses or programs, the UK has an independent body to analyse the education standards of all institutions that make it stand out among the education systems of other countries.

Work opportunities

International students can work part-time for up to 20 hours a week during sessions and full-time during semester breaks.

Cultural Richness

Due to the rich culture and heritage, international students can live and study in a multicultural environment that promotes the feeling of brotherhood.

High Employability

Having degrees or diplomas from UK universities enhances the chances of career opportunities all over the world and stimulates network building with prospective employers.

Student Visa Requirements for the UK

Skybird International will help you to achieve your goal of studying in UK, For that you need to fulfil the below-mentioned requirements:

Top Universities to Study in UK

Cost of Education in UK

Tuition fee is one of the prime expenses of international pupils studying in the United Kingdom. Education costs may vary as per the selection of the university or college, location and courses.
Check the table below for a further understanding of education costs in the UK:

S No.UK Study ProgramAverage Fees in Pounds (£)
1Undergraduate Coursesvary from £11,400 - £38,000
the average cost is around £22,200 per year
2Post-Graduate Courses or Programsvary from £9,000 - £30,000
The average cost is approx. £17,109 per annum

How Skybird International will help you choose the best University or College in the UK ?

To study in UK, Our team will help you with following these steps –

Shortlist the Preferred University or College

Skybird International helps you select your preferred course and look for universities or colleges that offer similar courses or programs. You can choose any university or college that matches your interests.

Check for Admission Intakes

Before taking admission to any educational institution, We check your admission intakes of universities or colleges. In the United Kingdom, students can take admission in any of three intakes which are January (Winter intake), May (Spring intake) and September (Fall intake).

Admission Requirements in UK Universities

We check each college or university’s eligibility criteria for you like many universities in the UK require English language proficiency test evidence to check your level of English along with your previous education records or certificates including transcripts, DMCs or degrees. We guide you through this process in detail.

Steps we follow to fill your Application Form for UK Universities/ Colleges.

After finalising the university or college, Skybird International helps you withthe following steps to fill out the application form:

Step 1: Our team will help you register with UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) by filling out the application form for any university or college in the UK as per your choice.

Step 2: After filling in all the personal information, we upload all your required academic (previous transcripts or degrees) and personal identification documents (passport or PAN card) in the form of a PDF.

Step 3: Before submitting the application form, we cross-check the entire form and then submit the application form by Paying the non-refundable application fees through debit card or net banking options

Step 4: After your application is accepted by the university or college you are applying for. We will help you get an offer letter or a letter of acceptance.

Step 5: Our Team will also explore any scholarship options offered by the university or college to aid your study cost.

Step 6: Now, Skybird International will help you get a visa to begin your new journey in the United Kingdom.

Step 7: Once you get your visa with Skybird International, pack your bags and prepare yourself to dive into the new life in the UK.

Study in UK – FAQ

Yes, it is possible to study in the UK without IELTS if you apply to universities or colleges with alternative needs including evidence of over 60-65% marks in English subjects in Classes XI and XII and an undergraduate degree with English as the medium of instruction.

The US universities offer graduate and undergraduate degrees however colleges only offer undergraduate degrees.

UK Intakes


Applications open

January or Winter Intake

January to April


May or Spring Intake

May to August


September or Fall Intake

September to December


Yes, you can get PR (permanent residency) in the UK but there are some parameters set by the UK government that you have to follow to be a permanent resident there. For instance, you have to spend a sufficient amount of living and working years (2 to 5 years at least) in the nation.
There are several courses that can increase your chances of getting PR in the United Kingdom including a PG Diploma in Marketing, an MA in Promotional Media, a Masters in Business Analytics, an MA in Public Relations, and a Master in Management.
Technical jobs are in high-demand jobs in the United Kingdom. International students can find high-paid jobs like cyber security specialists, graphic designers, architects, programmers, physical scientists, and sales assistants.