Study in Canada

Do you want to shape your future with a high-quality education? Canada is the best option to explore better learning opportunities for growth. It is the world’s second-largest nation along with its three territories and ten provinces. The well-developed nation is known for its high-quality education system, career development opportunities, diverse culture and welcoming environment.

Furthermore, Canada has world-class colleges and universities where students can not only get theoretical knowledge about different subjects but also attain hands-on experience in the same subjects. A diverse range of fields like engineering, arts, business, science etc. makes Canada globally recognised for its premium quality education. Along with studies, students can also attain scholarships.

If you are planning to Study in Canada, Skybird International is always ready to turn your dream into reality by guiding you in the right direction. Our experienced immigration consultants are well-versed in the latest Canadian visa requirements and regulations and will provide you with personalised guidance from the start of the process till you reach and settle at your destination in Canada. So, get ready yourself to fly in the sky with us.   

Why Study in Canada?

Achieve your dreams of study in Canada with the following:

Globally Certified Universities

Canada has 300+ educational institutions and 11000+ programs which are world-famous to deliver exceptional quality education along with advanced pedagogical methods & enhanced learning experiences.

Affordable Tuition Fee and Living Cost

Compared to other study-abroad destinations, Affordable tuition fees and reasonable living costs make Canada an attractive choice for pupils seeking value for their investment.

Safe and Peaceful Environment

Canada is known for its safety and high living standards. This offers a peaceful environment where students can focus on their studies and personal growth without concerns for their safety.

Exceptional Work Opportunities

The persistent growth of industries in Canada creates a constant increase in the demand for skilled professionals from across borders. Thus, students get exceptional work opportunities after completing their education.

Post-Study Work Options

Along with study visas, Canada allows pupils to work for up to 3 years after graduation, helping them gain international work experience.

Permanent Residency Option

Very few countries offer permanent residency to international students. One of them is Canada where students can get permanent residency after completing all the eligibility parameters set by Canadian immigration.

Multicultural Environment

Canada has a dynamic culture that promotes inclusion and respect in the community, owing to its diverse population.

Excellent Quality of Life

Canada promotes a student-friendly environment. Along with studies, pupils can enjoy high-quality life standards including multiple job options, advanced healthcare facilities, safety and security.

Student Visa Requirements for Canada

To fulfil your dream of studying in Canada with Skybird International you must fulfil the requirements below:

Top-rated Universities to Study in Canada

Skybird International will help you choose any of the university and give wings to your dream of study in Canada: some of the top Universities of Canada are –

Dalhousie University

University of Victoria

York University

University of Guelph

University of Windsor

University of Manitoba

University of Waterloo

McGill University’s School of Continuing Studies, Montreal, Quebec

Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario (Only UG)

University of Calgary Continuing Education, Calgary, Alberta

Cost of Education in Canada

The team of Skybird International will guide you about the total cost of study in Canada depending on several factors such as course fees, living costs, food, internet charges, daily transportation,  phone bills, health insurance etc. By estimating all these costs, the total expense per student may lie between CAD 2,000 and CAD 2,500.

An estimated cost for international students studying in Canada is provided in the table below.

S No.Canada Study ProgramAverage Fees in CAD*
1Primary and Secondary SchoolsPublic schools ($9,500 to $17,000 per year)

Private or independent day schools ($15,000 to $30,000 per year)

Private or independent boarding schools ( $63,000 to $83,000 per year)
2Language Schooltuition costs can range between $340 to $425 per week
3College and Vocational Schooltuition can range from approximately $7,000 to $22,000 per year
(On average, living costs are around $15,000 per year for college students)
4University$36,100 per year for international undergraduate students

$21,100 per year for international graduate students (Statistics Canada, 2022)

How Skybird International will help you choose the best University or College in Canada?

To enrol in a Canadian university or college, Skybird International help you with following the necessary steps as:

Select Universities or Colleges

As per your course selection our highly experienced team will help you explore different universities or colleges to pick the best that suits your requirements or preferences.

Check for Admission Requirements

During this step, we will check the eligibility criteria of your shortlisted universities or colleges as every educational institution requires a language Proficiency Test (IELTS or PTE) along with other documents including a graduation certificate/diploma, resume or CV, SOP, proof of funds etc.

Evaluate Available Admission Intakes

Canadian universities offer three main intakes: fall, winter and summer. The fall semester starts in September, summer in May and winter in January. Skybird International helps you choose any intake from these and commence your Canadian life quickly.

Steps we follow to fill your Application Form for Canadian Universities/ Colleges.

Step 1: After collecting all the required documents, Skybird International team begin with your application process by filling out the admission form of your shortlisted university or college.

Step 2: We will upload all the required documents including educational certificates or previous degree transcripts, Adhaar card or PAN card.

Step 3: After filling or uploading the entire document, we cross-check the entire form and then submit your application by helping you pay the non-refundable application fees through debit card or net banking options.

Step 4: After your application is successfully submitted and accepted by the university. An offer letter will be sent to you in a few weeks or months.

Step 5: After getting the offer letter, the Skybird International team will help you apply for the visa. After visa approval, our team will help you with the services like pre-departure briefings, accommodation arrangements in Canada, and assistance with settling into your new environment. So, get ready to start your new life in Canada.

Study in Canada – FAQ

The Canadian education system offers a wide range of study fields from technical to non-technical fields. These can be Agriculture and Agri-Food, Information Technology, Broadcasting & Journalism, Business, Health, Environment, Social Services, Design, Sciences, Hospitality & Tourism, Engineering, Languages, Arts etc. You can pick any of these study fields as per your previous education history and pursue higher studies.
Every Canadian university or college has set its own admission rules for international students. Thus, the enrolment criteria may also vary as per the provided programs. Generally, community colleges in Canada require a minimum of 55% marks in previous degrees or diplomas. However, students must attain 60% marks to get admission to universities in Canada besides English Proficiency test scores.
Yes, we are always ready to serve you with any type of assistance. If you got a refusal in your previous visa application, do not worry. Our experts will find the reason behind your visa refusal and resolve it by offering the required solutions. When you re-apply for a study visa under the guidance of our experts and with accurate documentation, there is no chance of refusal.
Although all cities in Canada are the best options to study, you can give preference to Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, and Quebec City.
Yes, health insurance is mandatory for students. Every province may have a different medical coverage policy for international students. Here, you keep in mind that International students are not covered by government health insurance schemes. You must purchase private health insurance.